winter war

by The Future With Jetpacks

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released 01 February 2014



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Track Name: tempest
four weeks of no appetite and no rest at night. feel like my place to hide's been compromised. hired guns and higher crimes, every weekend wasting time. i wanted to dig more tunnels than graves, and have more strength than the waves. i want to be part of something new, i want to see the chaos when it brews. i want to be part of a new machine and i want to feel it sputter through my veins. i want to be the chaos that you keep at bay.

a rose inside a shard of ice, cold to the touch and full of life. tossed up into the morning light coats the city with a crystal sky. a withered sun forms colossal shadows from the frames of bodies wandering concrete meadows. a forest of black and white and grey. but of course my plans are faltered.
Track Name: wither
a sunday morning, all caught up after a week so boring. i don't remember when i used the lights in my room last. i'm not in love with anything but this piece of time. a lonely yellow lamp light suits the rough grain. i wouldn't be much without the smoke in my lungs, or the wall of warm wood before the frozen fjord of side streets and glacial spores. a blooming winter, the soothing cinder.

woke up at night time again. where is my mind? i swear i caught its tail in my sleep. convinced i'm wrong, i dug my grave above a reality. another tera tore me to rest in pieces. the blooming thunder, crushed by the summer. fight during winter, the soothing cinder.